Reasons for Canada Visa Rejection: Top 8 Reasons for Canadian Visa Rejection

Reasons for Canada Visa Rejection: Top 8 Reasons for Canadian Visa Rejection

The reasons for Canada visa refusal are the same for many people, despite the different mistakes that people make.
Also, although there is a difference in the purpose of each visa, there is a similarity in the reasons for the rejection of a Canadian visa.
In our conversation today, we will discuss the most prominent reasons that lead to the rejection of a Canadian visa in general, and how the reasons for rejection can be avoided.

What are the reasons for Canada visa refusal?
Human rights and crimes
This reason does not apply to all people, because few people are violent, or have the power to commit crimes against humanity.

Such are the leaders of armies and governments who have been convicted of murder, or for dispersing peaceful demonstrations by force.
Doubt about the purpose of travel
The purpose of travel is one of the main reasons for refusing a Canadian visa and most of the world’s visas, not just Canada, the problem is general.

When the Canadian Embassy employee doubts the purpose of the person applying for the visa, his visa will be refused.
For example, if the purpose of the visa is tourism in Canada, but the employee suspects that the purpose is to stay in Canada permanently, then the Canadian visa will be refused.
Some people may obtain a Canadian visa more than once, but they are rejected on one occasion.
The reason for refusal is from the person himself, and this is due to the person’s delay in leaving Canada at the time specified for the visa.
The refusal is even if the person leaves Canada after only a few days from the date of departure specified in the Canadian visa.

Accordingly, we advise any person, if he obtains a Canadian visa, to adhere well to the entry and exit dates specified by the visa.

Weak bank account
Also, the problem of the bank account is a problem that many people face when applying for a Canadian visa or other world visas.

The big problem is that many people think that the strength of the bank account in terms of the amount alone is sufficient, and this is a big mistake.

The embassies of the world, not just the Canadian embassy, ​​prefer that the bank account be highly mobile and not just a frozen bank account.
criminal offenses
When a person thinks of traveling to Canada or elsewhere, the embassy asks for a criminal record {forensic record}.
The purpose of knowing the criminal record is to find out whether the person has previous crimes, whether murder, arms or drug trafficking or any other crime.

If the embassy discovers any of these crimes, this will certainly be one of the reasons for the Canadian visa refusal.

Communicable and infectious diseases
Anyone applying for a Canadian visa must pass a medical examination from the Canadian embassy.

If any serious contagious disease appears in the medical examination, the embassy will refuse entry to this person to Canada.

falsification of documents
Forgery of documents in Canada includes the bank account file or any personal document related to the age of the person applying for the visa.

If forgery is discovered, this will be a sufficient reason for rejecting the Canadian visa, knowing that this reason is the most prominent reason for rejecting the Canadian visa, which cannot be overlooked.

mismatch of purpose
The mismatch of the purpose of the visa occurs frequently with people applying for a Canada study visa.

When a person obtains university admission in Canada to study a master’s degree in one field, but his bachelor’s study was another field, his visa may be refused.

Reasons for refusing a Canadian visa to study
In addition to the above-mentioned reasons, there are additional reasons for refusing a Canadian student visa, including:
Academic performance and lack of proof of the student’s language ability.
Not obtaining university admission from a university or institute in Canada.

_ You had a bad experience in Canada in the past when studying a language course or something by breaking visa laws and working in Canada.

_ Your academic qualification does not match the academic qualification you intend to study in Canada, it does not have to be your law degree, and you want to study a completely different specialization.

If you intend to study a different major in Canada that you think is better than the one you studied in your country, you must talk about it clearly so that your visa application is not rejected.

Avoiding the reasons for rejection of Canada Visa is not guaranteed, but taking the reasons for rejection seriously and trying to avoid them, will certainly contribute to reducing the chances of rejection.
The Canadian embassy may refuse to grant a person a visa for other reasons, but the embassy explains the reasons for the refusal.


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